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"A" for Accountability
I believe it is important to be "Fiscally Conservative" in all matters related to finances. This is true in my personal life and in my business life as well. I would not have been able to own and operate my own Architectural practice, based in Nampa for the last 28 years, without knowing how to budget and spend wisely. As a small business owner who has survived through difficult economic times, I know and appreciate the value of a dollar and the responsibility to budget wisely.
It is with a sense of purpose and responsibility that I care for my family's needs, as well as for those of my employees. Financial decisions made on their behalf need to be based on sound judgement, solid values and proven principals. It is with this same set of principals that I seek context and understanding in all the fiscal decisions that come before us at the City Council level. In the last 8 years we have seen a 20% decrease in our community's levy rates and have reigned in the spending of the Urban Renewal Agency (the NDC), bringing back a conservative approach to the management of the city budget and finances. We are also pleased with the new management company "Spectra" at the "Ford" Idaho Center who has in just two years reduced their dependency on city financial support from $1.2 million/year to less than $600,000 in the FY18 budget. Their goal is to become financially independent as they bring in new and exciting venues to our community to enjoy.  
"B" for Business Promotion
I believe our city needs elected officials who have "Vision and Purpose" and deserve leaders who care about the needs of the businesses already located in Nampa, and who also possess an understanding of how to attract new business to our great city.  Through my architectural practice I network regularly with building agencies, developers, contractors, financial institutions and business entrepreneurs as we partner together on new business ventures, and explore planning options. 

As the second largest city in the state of Idaho (tied with Meridian), I believe that the citizens of Nampa need leaders with proven experience working tirelessly on their behalf to bring more job opportunities to our city. 
"C" for Communication
I believe that our community wants "Transparency from their Elected Officials". I also believe they want representatives who will listen to them and act responsibility on their behalf. My core values are based on my Faith in God and a desire to care for my Family and our great Nampa Community as I am given opportunity to be a public servant. 
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